Since there are always players who don't know, I will write a topic about it now.

You get the best and fastest support in the forum, if you create a thread.
Why is that so?
That is quite simple:
- Not all supporters have access to the tickets from all universities. You can only reach a part of the team there.
- Forum can also be read well with a mobile phone.
- Every team member and player can read the forum and help you.
- For example, if you report a bug, other players can also help or verify it and help the team to fix it.
- Ideas can also be discussed in the forum by the whole community and thus be brought to maturity faster.
- In the forum you always reach the whole team

Since most tickets do not require a team player, but simply ask game questions, it would be useful to ask the question in the forum or use the search function in the forum.
That way you will get the answer the fastest.

The support ticket in the universe is for account specific things
Such as: Moonshot registration, missing PayPal payment, Temporary Multi (friends to visit), ...
Support Ticket are logged and can therefore always be tracked by other team members.

Then there is Discord:

There you can often reach the team in the voice channel and talk to them or ask questions.

You can also write there in the chat.
But the chat is not actively read, because there are often more than 1,000 messages per day. If you are insulted or bullied, it is very important to inform the team with @Team and to stand above the message. A counter insult or otherwise respond to it does not help anyone.
This chat is more for player to player communication. For example, if you're looking for someone to shoot the moon, Ally, trade, or help you build your team.

Whoever writes information / bug reports in the discord must therefore expect that this information never reaches the team and is therefore lost.
Therefore: Everything important should always be written in the forum.

Now to the main topic: PNs
Writing PNs to a supporter or team member makes no sense.
Why not?

- You only write to one team member at a time.
- Most of the time you write to the wrong one
- Often no team member is needed (so forum or discord chat would be better)
- Only when the Teamler is online, he can read the message and forward it to the right person, which means unnecessary effort and loss of time.
- PNs are not logged and therefore unsuitable for support.

This applies to all PNs
- In Game
- Forum
- Facebook
- Discord
- and so on

Often the PNs do not arrive at all, because we have deactivated them for the reasons mentioned above.

In short:

Bugs, wishes, ideas -> Forum
Question about your own account (Moonshot registration, PayPal payment, ...) -> Support Ticket in the corresponding universe
Search Moonshot help, setup help, dealer, ally members -> forum or discord chat
Insults, bullying, third-party advertising, sedition etc. in the discord -> Use @Team in the discord chat (otherwise never use @Team.)
Everything else -> Forum

PN to Teamler -> never

With kind regards
XOrbit Team