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Thema: New project Game Vendetta

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    New project Game Vendetta

    Hello everybody,

    To begin, i dont know if i'm in the good section, it's difficult for me to read the forum in German.

    I'm here to propose you a request, this request is to rebuild a former Gameforge game "Vendetta" which was the same principe than your game ang Ogame but in the gangster Universe. The game have been closed in 2010 and the community has created several games on this theme. "Prohibition1933" in France "Stiddari" in Germany and "" in Spanish, nevertheless these games have been closed by their creators because of lack of time and motivation.

    However the community even if it is scattered is really présent, because the game has more than 200 000 players around the europe in the past and when i go to several forums (french, italian, german) there are many people who want to see the game reborn.

    I'm a french guy, former player of this game and moderator on it, i'm not a developper Unfortunately so i can't rebuild it by myself.

    Why i'm contacting you especially ? For several reasons
    - Because you have the experience in "OgameLike" so you know who to build it and how it works.
    - Your game is the best OgameLike that i ever seen, so I would have confidence in the quality of your work.
    - Your community is present and your game is not inactive, it proof that you know how to keep the interest of your players
    - The pay to win system is not an obligation for you and for me it' an important point.

    My role in this project will be to promote it, to guide you for the devellopment and bear the costs of the game.

    where is my project today:
    - I have several screens of the original game to give you an idea of this game
    - I have The sources and the codes of prohibition1933, so we have a base to work if we have to make some changes on it.

    So now I need a reliable team for the development.

    What is the interest for you ?
    - Diversify your horizon with a new concept and game universe
    - Bring new players which could be a good option to improve your visibility on the internet.
    - Zero cost, I take in my charge everything.

    If you are interested by my proposition do not hesitate to contact me in private we could exchange by mail or whatsapp also if you want, i have some documents to details my project if you want.

    Hope to convince you to join my project.

    My apologize for my bad english (french people we are very bad in english

    Best Regards
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    Hi Lialvadro

    That sounds very interesting.

    Personally I like the idea to build up a second main pillar and to develop Vendetta next to XOrbit.
    I have to talk to my team about that.

    Maybe we can even use parts of the code in both games, which would simplify the development.

    But we will probably have to hire more programmers, so we would have to think about how to earn enough money by gimmicks and convenience features.

    We are in the process of converting our forum to English to get more international players.
    But we could also set up a French section for you.

    Do you have Discord?
    We could chat about it and exchange pictures.

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    Thank you for your fast answer, it's a pleasure to know that the project could be interesting for you.

    As you say we can use parts of th code in both game.
    I could participate to finance the project also to earn more money to developp the project.

    I join your channel on discord to exchange pictures and ideas we have to talk about many points of the game.

    Thank you for your answer again




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