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Thread: ​Team Meeting November 19th

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    ​Team Meeting November 19th

    Team Meeting November 19th

    1. Fusion Abrinax -> Erebos
      1. Abrinax players get 12 planets move items.
      2. Erebos players get 5 planets move items.

    2. Improvement wishes Events
      1. In future, a news ticker is to appear automatically at events. (Must be programmed first)

    3. Babylon
      1. Babylon ends on Sun. December 20th.
      2. "Babylon 2" starts on Mo. Dec 21st 8 pm (CET)
      3. Universe will not be called "Babylon 2", name will decide the community: What should the successor to Babylon be called?
      4. In "Babylon 2" there will be 50€ Amazon gift cards and officer points after 3 and 6 months.
      5. "Babylon 2" will run for an unlimited time
      6. We increase advertising to make the universe bigger.
      7. The Babylon 1 players can fusion to Erebos.

    4. Purge Unvierse
      1. Start December 18th 8 pm (CET)
      2. 48h Runtime
      3. No Rules
      4. Community decides the settings: Purge 6 - What do you want? - Challenge - win Lootboxes

    We welcome the two new team members: Stievel and zuechter.They will support the team in advertising.
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