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Thread: Apollon 6, Starts on November 5th 2021- Ultra fast speed, what do you want?

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    Apollon 6, Starts on November 5th 2021- Ultra fast speed, what do you want?

    Your turn. Apollon 6 starts on November 5th, 2021 and will be played for 3 months. If you are successful, you will be richly rewarded. Decide what you want to play.

    You have until October 22th time to make your contribution.

    The settings with the most Likes will be used as a template for the team and will be adopted as far as possible. The submitter of these settings is then also the winner.
    The winner will receive Xgems in a universe of his choice.

    Ihr seid dran. Apollon 6 startet am 5. November 2021 und wird 3 Monate gespielt. Bist du erfolgreich, wirst du reichlich belohnt. Entscheide was du spielen willst.

    Du hast bis zum 22. Oktober zeit deinen Beitrag zu leisten.

    Die Einstellungen mit den meisten Likes werden als Vorlage für das Team verwendet und so weit wie möglich übernommen. Der Einreicher dieser Einstellungen ist dann auch der Gewinner.
    Der Gewinner erhält Xgems in einem Universum seiner Wahl.

    A vous de jouer. Apollon 6 commence le 5 novembre 2021 et se jouera pendant 3 mois. Si vous réussissez, vous serez richement récompensé. Décidez de ce que vous voulez jouer.

    Vous avez jusqu'au 22 octobre pour apporter votre contribution.

    Les paramètres ayant reçu le plus de "likes" seront utilisés comme modèle par l'équipe et seront adoptés dans la mesure du possible. La personne qui soumettra ces paramètres sera le gagnant.
    Le gagnant recevra des Xgems dans l'univers de son choix.

    Settings: Range or values you can choose:
    Build speed: 10,000 - 500,000
    Research speed: 5,000,000 - 20,000,000
    Fleets speed: 25 - 60
    Resources speed: 10,000,000 - 250,000,000
    HP fields: 300 - 1,000
    Fusion nach: Theia

    Fleet into the debris field: 10% - 50%
    Galaxies: 3 - 20 (Maximum the number of the fusion "target" universe. )
    Solar Systems: 200 - 499
    circular universe: yes / no
    circular galaxy: yes / no
    Asteroids: Activation after X weeks / none
    Events: Activation after X weeks / none
    Sensorphalanx cost: 5,000 * Resources speed / other value (justify)
    Missiles: yes / no
    Moons: yes / no
    ACS: yes / no
    Moon needed debris field: easy / normal / heavy
    Max Moon Chance: 20% / 25% / 30% / 40%
    Moon Destroy needed Rips: easy / normal / heavy
    Max Moon Destroy Chance: 40% - 100%
    Minimum construction time: 1 second / XX milliseconds / XX microseconds / XX nanoseconds / 0 second
    Statistics: Points / Count / Do not display (specify individually for all types)
    Records: all / Individuals excluded (name them)
    Placement of the main planets: Linear / Random
    Maximum vacation mode: x days / 1 week / 2 weeks / 3 weeks
    Expedition size: small / normal / big
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