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Thread: Playing with roommate in the same univers

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    Playing with roommate in the same univers


    I've been playing this game since a month now and i liked it a lot.
    I was looking for a game like this and this one is pretty good.
    Plus i see there's temporary univers that challange player for 3 months and that's amazing.
    My roommate want to play as well with me but since i've read the rules there's might be some problem.
    We wanted to play in the same univers and cooperate together to get to the top scoring of course.
    But we are living in the same house together and working at the same place = same ip for the internet but he have his own computer so not really the same ip.
    I've read as well that with the multi we can't cooperate to attack or to exchange ressources?
    So im coming to ask if there's a way for us to play together on the new univers Apollon 9.
    He doesn't have any account yet but we are waiting for any positiv answer befor doing anything since i don't want my account to be suspended ^^'

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Schanilo

    i like to hear that you like the game like I do.

    Good to know, that you have read the rules. There is no possibility to play together if you have the same IP. You can play both, but with no fleet interaction. no fights, no trades, no spys.

    The problem is, that the team has no camera in your room. They dont know if you are two people on two computers/laptops. If you want to attack someone and your roommate is on a party. Who tells us, that you dont play with both accounts? This is only one example which caused this rule.

    Hope that you find a way to deal with it. There are a lot of players for buddies in the universe. get in contact with them and get stronger

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